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Composing A Synthesis Essay On Fahrenheit 451: Helpful Tips

Fahrenheit 451 is an eye-opening novel written in 1953 by Ray Bradbury. It is so evocative and thought-provoking that it is not hard to synthesize issues in relevance to the book. Here is how you compose a synthesis essay on the topic.

  • Evolution of characters – From Guy Montag to Granger; Beatty to Mildred Montag; make an endeavor to evolve these characters according to your perspective. For instance, Guy is a person who never loses his fickle attitude; he believes there is something amiss with the book-burning issue but takes the general course. In the end, when he revolts, the man in him attempts to come out. His character is beautifully etched.
  • The moving plot – Trace the movement of the plot. How books have gained an uncouth image in the minds of the gentry on pure hearsay. Many characters intrinsically realize the value of books but maintain their stolidity in accordance with general opinion. This is a satire on the human bending will.
  • The rebellious attitude – The scheme utilized by Granger in imbibing books in mind so that he can vomit out the contents to a more amenable future society is again a compromise with the present. Also, Granger lives in the fringe, clearly suggesting that humans have that rebellious germ at the fringes.
  • The taming of hound – Till Guy accepts book-burning regulation and even voluntarily participates in it; he is terrorized by a hound. The moment he gets rebellious, he manages to kill it. The book thus also indicates at the triumph of human will.
  • A study in contrast – The book keeps bringing out elegant contrasts; using characters like Clarisse and Ann Bowles, who are two ends of a spectrum. It leaves the readers to think whose vision is correct, or more feasible.
  • The title – The title Fahrenheit 451 is a signpost itself. This is a temperature at which pages burn. This reflects that when humans reach a point, they may boil into a different character altogether. This is clearly suggested through the evolution of Guy.

Making plans

You can make your own plans and scour out resources for the characters. There may be analogous characters in other books. The standing motif is rebellion in the face of adversity. Try to spell the point that if humans keep accepting fares, they are doomed to extreme measures. They will keep getting these in terms of regulations and thrusts.

Try to compile a significant synthesis essay on the basis of the mentioned pointers.

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