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Suggestions For Students Who Need To Find Argument Essay Examples

Go anywhere and you are likely to come across a fair number of agreements. Some are childish banter; some frivolous talks; some serious debates and some even escalate from verbal combat to physical duels. Arguments are a human being’s instinctual right.

Creating topics

Teachers understand this and create relevant argument essay topics to keep students interested. These topics are normally based on subjects which students have an idea about. They only need to enhance the scope.

If you are looking for argument essay topics, here are places you should look into –

  • The school itself – Go through the standard teaching approaches and see where it can be changed or rephrased. Look at the freedom the new age kids are getting and there is scope for an argument essay topic there as well.
  • The neighborhood – Look at the changes the neighborhood has gone in the last 10 years and discuss the activity of local Govt. You may also eke a topic out of the general prevalent mindset of the people.
  • Important segments – You can delve into subjective areas such as sports, fashion, politics, health et al. You will get plenty of fodder for argument essay topics. Make sure that the topics are relevant and solution-finding. You will also get ideas from online sites and newspapers in this regard.
  • The country – The country can be read and analyzed from different angles and perspectives. You can snatch arguments from its policies, economy; infrastructure, development ideas, traditional outlook. There is too much to gain from your country in an educative sense. Do not engage in trivialities. Assess significant factors in your essay.
  • Prevailing systems – Delve into the legislations prevailing; police activities; banking system, functionality of airports and railways; in fact the list is endless. You just have to be observant about dissecting the error zones of the prevailing systems.

Here are 10 argument essay topics for your convenience –

  1. Should animals be confined in cage for human pleasure?
  2. Should we have the right to slaughter chickens, lambs and goats?
  3. Should Americans have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  4. Should computers be allowed to take the place of human work force?
  5. Should marijuana be legalized?
  6. Should gambling be universally regulated?
  7. Should credit cards be made more accessible to common gentry?
  8. Are the women of today actually getting their due?
  9. Is it right to foster the spirit of competition in kids?
  10. Which is better – Self employment or corporate employment?

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