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American Dream

The American dream is indeed a global issue. Generally, it is a national United States’ ethos defined through a set of ideals where freedom takes into account the chance for success and prosperity, together with an upward social mobility for the children and the family, attained through a lot of hard work within a society while experiencing few constraints. It is a dream of a specific land where life should be awesome and rich and very fulfilling for all – everybody standing a chance based on achievement and ability. It is a hard dream for the upper classes in Europe to interpret sufficiently, and a lot more people have become mistrustful and weary about this American dream. It is not something of high wages and motor vehicles alone, but rather a dream of a certain special social order where every man and woman is capable of attaining their fullest state of which they are innately able and be acknowledged by others for their achievements regardless of the incidental situations of position or birth.

The basis of the American dream is founded on a lot of theories. The writers of the Declaration of Independence of the United States held beliefs of self-evidence where every individual is equal to the other and that the creator gave everyone unalienable rights such as liberty, the pursuit of happiness and life as well. This sentiment has a certain connotation linked to the American Dream. Homesteaders left big cities in the east in search for happiness and their portion of land in the unknown wilderness in pursuit of these inalienable rights. What of the immigrants into the United States in search of their part of liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness? They too wished they could get this stature to get them the freedom from problems and humiliation. The motivation behind the settling down of the war veterans in the WWII is also something to look at in their pursuit to find a good life. So, do all Americans stand a chance of attaining the American Dream?

All has been said and done but the American dream has both been producing different results for different people. Today, the American dream has broken many people who were not able to achieve it in their ambitions. However, there are those that have seen success in their search for a better life, liberty, financial freedom and excellent in all aspects of life.

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