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In many places, the rising cost of living makes people desperate and thus resort to unacceptable behavior in the society. One of such behavior is prostitution. Many young girls who cannot get formal education because of lack of finances will try their hand in the vice. Further, women who have no jobs, yet have families depending on them may look for such jobs for sustenance. Thus, it is asserted that poverty is the leading cause of prostitution.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking

In regions where poverty is prevalent, many prostitution cases are reported. In some third world countries, young girls are trafficked for prostitution and other forms of sexual abuse. Usually, parents to the girls participate in the trafficking because they have no means of taking care of the siblings. Sometimes, they may not be aware of what they are taking their children through. However, even when they are aware, they may be forced to traffic them to pay off debts. Unfortunately, much of the profit ends up in the pockets of a few. In addition, people who exploit the women are usually the desperate citizens who have dealt with unemployment issues for a long time. In the end, they resort to trafficking women and exploiting the undocumented girls.

Poor People in Rich Countries

Though Thailand is a wealthy nation, cases of prostitution are many. Hence, an individual may argue that the habit is caused by other factors such as the laws in a country. However, most of the prostitutes in the country are not from the wealthy families. As it is evident, in many nations, poverty is concentrated in the rural areas. Therefore, in places such as Thailand where the GDP is high, it is still possible that there are high levels of poverty in the rural areas.

Moreover, with the prevalence of income discrepancies many countries, it becomes possible for the rich to exploit the poor. Prostitution can sometimes be a form of exploitation especially when it involves the poor people. It is not a secret that rich people tend to spend money on prostitutes, who may be coming from poor families. The poor on the other hand cannot defend themselves against the exploitation even in the court systems. Not to forget, in many cultures, women are socialized into allowing men to dominate them in every way. Hence, it becomes easy for the rich men to justify their exploitative deeds. In deed, prostitution can be eliminated if poverty levels in a country are reduced.

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