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12 Interesting And Relevant Essay Topics For College Entrance

When it comes to writing the college entrance essay you are usually given a choice from a list of prompts. Most will generally provide you with the opportunity to discuss something about yourself – to write on something that sets you apart from the hundreds of other applicants the admission committee members have reviewed that same day. If you are given the freedom to use a topic of your creation, you might be inspired by these interesting and relevant ideas:

  1. Choose a movie or a book in which the main protagonist has made some sort of a difficult choice and state whether you agree or disagree with that choice.
  2. Take the blank writing space presented in a standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper. Use your imagination to write, draw, or do something else with this creative prompt.
  3. Describe a time or an incident where you experienced some kind of failure. How did this affect you in the becoming the person you are today? What lessons did you learn because of failure?
  4. Try to remember a time when you truly enjoyed learning for the sake of challenging and expanding your mind. Is there a specific book you enjoyed as a child?
  5. If you were given the chance to spend the next year of your life traveling to either the past or future, is there a specific time you would visit and why?
  6. You’ve probably heard the saying “Laughter is the best form of medicine.” Why not tell your favorite joke and explain why it makes you laugh.
  7. Describe a time or incident when you were unable to achieve what you set out to do. What were you able to learn from coming up short in your goal?
  8. Many have said that expressing yourself through social media is superficial and doesn’t allow for substantive or complex ideas. Defy this belief by describing yourself within 140 characters.
  9. There are many students that some backstory, an identity, some kind of talent, or unique interest that is tremendously meaningful but is rarely discussed. Can you cite such a quality?
  10. Think about a time in your past when you felt compelled to challenge an idea or a belief. What prompted you to act out and would you do the same thing if faced with the same situation?
  11. Describe a single moment or event that you feel marked your transition from being a child to being an adult within your family, community or culture.
  12. What would you point out as your most unique skill that distinguishes you from others at your school or community?

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