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Creating An Excellent Essay About Friendship: Useful Advice

Friendship is a true abstract relationship that we weave with our heart and not blood. It shows its true colors only when charred on the stove of fate. At the end, no matter how many true friends we may have; there will only be precious few real mates.

Personal or impersonal

While writing an essay on friendship, you can either take an impersonal route or make it an informal one. If only to raise a toast to friendship, it augurs well if you go the informal way. You may create your own short story in a formatted manner.

You may begin with how your friendship began and was sealed. How it lasted through tough times and how you stood for each other even when the world was taking a different stance. The beginning should be evocative; readers should identify with this chunk of your life.

The meat

Your meat or body of the write-up would betray an extremely catchy note of your life. Suggest how there was a time of utmost adversity, when your wife and family breached contact from you owing to your indecisions. You made a few casual errors and this impacted the whole family in an ungainly way. There didn’t seem to be any revival from there.

Add how your friend took stock of the situation and handled you with utmost fragility. How he talked it out with your family and friends and affected on them that everyone makes mistakes but only the great ones forgive.

..And the culminations

How he jeopardized his own family and happiness in order to give your problem all the time. How he ultimately managed to make them listen to your apologies and promise of return. How it ended on a happy note until he realized that his life was in tatters.

You may end the Body showing how, on realizing the problem he has germinated in own family through lack of communication, he cut off from you so that you would not get perturbed. How when you ultimately realized it; the solitary tear in your left eye touched your heart and shook your existence.

How you woke up to the fact that here was not just a friend you were losing; but a part of your soul.

Grazing the beauty

Friendship essays should bring about the beauty of this edifice. It should build panoramic fortress around the relationship so that others can wallow in its selflessness.

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