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Free Tips on How to Write a Strong Thesis for a Comparative Essay

Comparative essay assignments ask students to compare and sometimes contrast at least two or more items that can be reasonably put to this kind of scrutiny. The most common things you are likely to see compared are positions on an issue, figures, texts, events, and sometimes theories. Writing a thesis for this comparative essay can be tricky feat if you don’t quite understand what the goal of the assignment is, so we’ve put together a few strong tips on how to write a great thesis for a comparative essay:

First Make a List of All Similarities and Differences

One of the first strong tips you should consider is making a list of all the similarities and differences you can find between the two items featured in your comparative essay. You should be able to identify at least three items for each column in order to write a great paper and craft a strong thesis.

Decide if Similarities Outweigh Differences, or Vice Versa

Try to write down a few argumentative statements or phrases that reflect your subjects’ weights. Now is not the time to worry about whether your statements are too simple or overly complex. The important thing is that you think critically about the things you have control over – the subjects you are comparing and contrasting.

Consider the Structure of Your Comparative Essay

As you focus the topic of your paper you should have a pretty good idea about the similarities and differences you will be focusing on the most. There will be some items you can do completely without, but the strongest ones should help you envision how to best structure your paper. Create an outline to help you see this more clearly.

Keep the Thesis Statement Clear and Concise

All good thesis statements should be written in a clear and concise manner so that your reader doesn’t have any trouble understanding exactly what you will be discussing in your work. After you’ve written a few drafts you can begin to rewrite some of your best statements until you find one that meets these criteria and reflects the point you are making in your comparative essay.

Eliminate Extraneous Words and Choose Short Words

Remember that the best writing is found in works that is quick and to the point. This means you should look towards editing your thesis statement so that it doesn’t contain any unnecessary words. Also choose shorter words that are easier to understand instead of longer words that may come off as a sign of academic arrogance.

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