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Top 20 Discursive Essay Topics For Students To Discover

Discursive essays are similar to argumentative pieces; with subtle differences. The former asks for more poise and balance; and is more cultivated. You need to abridge the crudity of your opinions with the general perception and find a middle path.

A good beginning

Needless to say, you need a good topic to start. You cannot just pick a topic wildly and plan to do it justice. You should firstly be well-versed with the topic and its connotations. Secondly, you should be able to analyze and weigh it across different parameters.

A look around

You should look at the areas around you; your home, neighborhood; school, daily occurrences in the city and regular trends. You should eke out those formulae that are steeped with pivotal points of conflict and look to assuage them.

No confusion please

You should also give more than a cursory glance to some smart discursive pieces you have available in the school archives and on relevant sites. There is a definite pattern to write these pieces and you cannot confuse it with a reflective or exploratory piece.

The quality checks

You should present the pros and cons of the topical theme and then calculate the heavier side. You should pass it through several quality checks to come to an assertion. Meanwhile, here are 20 discursive essay topics you can explore –

  1. Should content or graphics be the king in freelancing?
  2. Are video games detrimental to a child’s holistic development?
  3. Should kids be weaned off from taking cursory medicines when they are under 5?
  4. Should schools keep a uniform fee structure or a dichotomous one to suit both the poor and privileged?
  5. Should contact sports be banned in a bid to control aggression in the world?
  6. Should Golf be improvised and made a faster game than it is?
  7. Should steroids be allowed in a regulated way to athletes?
  8. Should star performers in debates and cultural programs get an upper hand during examination grading?
  9. Should we give more emphasis on personal improvement than societal improvement?
  10. Should joint families be encouraged over nuclear families?
  11. Are we justified in shearing lambs for our sweaters?
  12. Is it possible to create a matriarchal society?
  13. Should viewers have the right to judge how much sex and violence they wish to see?
  14. Should women have the right to abort, no matter how many weeks of pregnancy they are in?
  15. Should rape be punishable by 7 years or 20 years of imprisonment?
  16. Should Smartphone be allowed in colleges?
  17. Are we actually evolving towards a better world?
  18. Should petrol and diesel vehicles be banned with immediate effect?
  19. Should high school students be asked to conduct researches?
  20. Should live-in relations be given equal status as marriage?

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