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How Do You Write A Profile Essay: 6 Points To Consider

The profile essay is a unique form of writing where you have the creative opportunity to create a profile on an individual or a subject of your choosing. When you are crafting the profile essay there are six points that you should consider

  1. The first point you should consider is having the perfect topic. While you might have the subject in mind for your profile you may need to reduce your final topic or expound upon it in order to meet the page requirements of your assignment. You can use different characteristics or demographics to narrow down or to broaden the profile you have in mind so that it better meets with your assignment details.
  2. You need to be organized when you research and if you write anything down make sure you write down the bibliographic information that corresponds to it. Keep all of your notes in one place so that you have easy access to them when you are working. Research is a very important component to the overall completion of this assignment when you head to the library though, you need to be organized at all times. This means that you should bring with you multiple colored notecards so that you can keep track of main ideas on one color and supporting evidence on another color
  3. Always draft an outline before you start on your first draft. With a comprehensive outline you will be much better suited to crafting a comprehensive first draft. The better your outline, the easier it will be for you to create that first draft of your profile. Play around with organization here too. In some cases presenting arguments in order of strongest argument you weakest argument is best while in other cases you might want to save the best argument for last.
  4. Give yourself some time off in between each draft you have a fresh perspective when returning to make any edits or proofreading.
  5. Look over a sample so that you have a better idea of what is required of you before you submit your final piece. If your teacher provide you with a sample that a previous student has written they can tell you exactly what grade that student received so you can then learn what level of content is required to receive what grade.
  6. If possible have somebody else edit the content you have before you submit it so that they can catch any errors that you may have missed.

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