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The 10 Best Romeo And Juliet Literary Analysis Essay Topics

A literary analysis takes a deeper look into a literary piece. It is not just a paper about a certain character or even the plot. When you are writing this type of essay, it is so important to look at how the paper was written and what methods the author used to bring it to life. Romeo and Juliet is a masterpiece that has been popular for generations. It is about two teenagers who fall in love and have to deal with the fact that they are from feuding families. Their love becomes a tragedy when they find out that they won’t be able to be together. They both meet their demise in the end and it is all for love.

This popular piece is likely to pop up as an assignment in one of your classes and you may not be able to just get away with talking about the plot. When you have to go a little deeper and not just write about the Romeo and Juliet story as a love story with a bad ending, you can choose one of these topics. They are perfect for when you need to write a literary analysis instead of a plot summary.

  1. Comparison essay about the actions of these teens in relation to the teens in America today
  2. Cultural analysis on dating practices
  3. Analysis of the personality traits of two or three of the characters
  4. Discuss whether the tragedy was a fate or freewill
  5. Overall message that the tragedy conveys
  6. Analysis of the themes that still resonate today
  7. How the plot fits together like a puzzle
  8. The most effective symbols
  9. Motifs
  10. Character analysis

You will need to start the paper off with a little background information on the Romeo and Juliet saga so that even someone who hasn’t read the story can understand the paper. It is so important to create an outline so that you know exactly what you will want to include and to get an idea of the best ways to present this information. Remember that you will still need to create a focus for this paper which will be your thesis statement. It is the central theme of your paper and all areas should work to prove this point. You will only need to include enough background information to prove this point as well.

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