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20 Examples Of Good Synthesis Essay Questions

In the course of academic growth, you come across vivid and varied tasks. Essays are agreeably one of the most versatile tasks; you just need to take a look at its differing types. Synthesis essays may strike you as one of the most complicated assignment you may get in school.

Assimilating the inputs

There is a system to write these pieces and you have to dig deep into resources and perspectives. Fortunately, you can clear the air by checking out valuable information in this context on the Internet.

You should ideally choose 1-3 sources and assimilate their inputs into synthesizing your own piece on any topic. You should also melt in your perspective on the same. The sources authenticate your work; and show your capacity to assimilate quality products.

A case of juxtaposition

You may use the stratagem to place drastically different sources across each other. You may create a colorful piece by juxtaposing Dickens’ style with Virginia Woolf; or English monarchy with that of Nepal.

You may also choose sources that strengthen and support each other. This is particularly helpful in, say, health articles where readers don’t like too many contradictions. It is earnestly important to use your discretion.

Trendy topics

You may pick a subjective or highly trendy topic. This will allow you to gather credible resources. You should also hone the art of selective reading; you may have to go through laborious texts.

Meanwhile, here are 20 intriguing synthesis essay questions for your reference –

  1. Is racism bred by the allowance of immigrants or not?
  2. Should USA be pressurized to soften its dominant stance on certain fixtures?
  3. Will the problem of Global Warming be solved?
  4. Are bullies perpetrators of crime or victims?
  5. Should kids be weaned off from video games?
  6. Should movies refrain from too much sex and violence?
  7. Is same-sex marriage the right idea?
  8. Should uniform school syllabus be followed across a nation?
  9. Will Education Technology lead us to the future?
  10. Should social media be pruned at its seams; particularly for students?
  11. What is your take on women’s equality?
  12. Is poverty the greatest contributor to crime?
  13. Is there merit in capital punishment for terrorists?
  14. Should people be penalized for lifestyle diseases like obesity and Diabetes?
  15. Where does Spanish Literature stand in comparison with the English one?
  16. Are celebrities allowed too much leeway into influencing our lives?
  17. Has blank verse been a great contributor to popular culture?
  18. What is the significance of multicultural structuring in enterprises?
  19. Which love is stronger: the one that bears from emotions or practical reasoning?
  20. Should Africa be allowed to gloat on their natural resources?

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