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15 Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing an argumentative essay is often thought of as one of the best ways to teach high school students how to properly form an argument, backed by strong evidence. It allows students to write about the things that they are most passionate about. Coming up with a topic should be pretty simple, but we know that there are times when a little pushing is all you really need to get going. So here are fifteen great topics for you to consider when writing your paper:

  1. Do you think the filters used to prevent students from viewing websites deemed as offensive or inappropriate are too restrictive?
  2. Do you think schools should offer cash bonuses to improve test scores and receive more funding from the state?
  3. Do you think schools should require stricter on campus security, including armed security, in response to violent attacks on campus?
  4. Do you believe the generation you live in is any more or less self-centered than the generation immediately before?
  5. What makes celebrities so famous that people are willing to spend hours watching reality shows or watching the gossip news following them each week?
  6. How seriously should parents, teachers and educational institutions take scores earned in standardized tests?
  7. Is it wrong to start drug testing students in junior high school? What about freshmen year in high school?
  8. Do you think curse words are nearly as offensive or serious as they used to be? Are they so common now that they have little effect?
  9. Do you think people waste too much of their personal or professional time playing games on their smartphone?
  10. Do you believe that an education in the arts, such as music or painting, is still important in education?
  11. Do you believe that television shows have yet to capture the diversity that exists in the United States?
  12. Does taking P.E. help students do well in academic subjects in schools? Or does it merely get in the way of learning life skills?
  13. Do you believe that it will ever be possible to implement a 100% healthy meal program or options at schools?
  14. Do you think it’s cruel or insensitive for major news outlets to benefit or profit from showing death in their lead stories?
  15. Do you believe that society should be more concerned about the health and safety of the people who are making its clothes?

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