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Zoos Are Prisons

Zoos are places for exhibiting wild animals to people. The zoos vary in size and range from unrestricted parks to small cages that house the animals. Most animals in the zoos suffer more from neglect. Despite the fact that very many people visit the zoos, having a zoo is not the most profitable business. Therefore, zoo operators usually have means of reducing their running costs. This is the solo reason that make animals in the zoos suffer from neglect. The official in the zoos are more concerned with profits than the wellbeing of the animals. Most of the zoo officials do not care the slightest about the animals. They sometimes beat up the animals.

Well the importance of zoos is to preserve species and educate people about these species. It is however unfortunate that the zoos fail mostly in both accounts. You will agree with me that zoo cages are usually small and the only information you find displayed on the small labels is the name of animal’s species, natural range and the diet. Due to zoos making little money due to miss management and being run by people who do not care about the animals, the animal needs are seldom met. You thus cannot know or observe an animal behaves in a natural setting because they are enclosed in a small place, which is very much different from their natural environment. Often you will find birds have clipped wings, which hinders their ability for flight. Aquatic animals are kept in insufficient amounts of water and animals that naturally social usually end up being segregated. Animals lack some crucial aspects of their natural life and thus develop learned behaviors that are that are referred to as zoochosis.

It is a noble thing to protect endangered species. You will however note that the zoo officials are more concern to animals that draw large crowds for viewing and thus more money. When young animals from the zoo grow up, they no longer are attractive to visitors and zoo officials sell them to owners of hunting grounds.

To save animals and let them live in their natural habitats and let people have a chance to learn the natural behavior of animals in the zoos, governments should be encouraged to follow examples of the Wildlife Centre in London. Visitors will be observing animals remotely via satellite links. Moreover, the government also provides a threshold for keeping wild animals in a zoo.

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