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Love Poetry

The most important thing in human beings lives is to express love when you feel it. It can be expressed in many ways with different people having preference for certain methods. The nature and the age of relationship could also be a major factor that determines the mode that one chooses to express or show love. Whichever the way you choose to express love, it is best and refreshing if it is genuine. The different methods commonly known for expressing love are flowers, gifts, songs and poetry. Poetry is mostly used to send a deeper message of love that has been created for a specific reason and theme. It is arguably the oldest means of expressing love. It use has grown with time and is now one of the best form of expressing love in words.

Test of Time

Though poetry is not commonly used to convey messages of love, it is still rated as the best form of expressing passion or love feelings. In many works of literature, both fiction and true stories have shown the use of poetry to express feelings of desire and longing. Love is a mysterious issue and many people find it hard to comprehend it. Likewise, poetry is a complex art and most of the times it carries hidden messages. It is written in a form that is best known to the two communicating people and this makes it easier to have some secrecy. Love Poetry is never commonly used but has remained dear to human beings as it connects to human cultures. Poetry mostly uses the things that connect with the people and this makes it easy and enjoyable. Poetry has been used by many love birds across the world to send love messages and share their affection.

Classic love poems

Poetry has its roots to the time when love began. So you can see that some poems are really old. Love poems are known as classic after several decades pass after they were first composed. However, not every old poem is considered as a classic. Poems are considered classic it they have strong staying power and have been accepted by the people. The culture used is god and the poem is of high quality and thus will be in continuous use by other people for some decades. Poems that lack staying power but were excellent in their composition, may be introduced in the classic category but only long after the death of the composer.

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