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A List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Writing Ideas For 6th Grade Students

Do you want to come up with a great essay to impress your new teacher in 6th grade?

It is the aim of many students to impress their teachers when they promote to new grades. Everyone wants to be that special child the teacher quotes examples of and looks to as a good student. Even if they have an interest in the subject or not, they have high motivations to read new books, discover new concepts and sit in the new class. This is a milestone they achieve because they cleared their 5th grade and are now past the primary education level. In the beginning of your semester, by the mid of it and even near the end, the most assigned task will be essay writing.

Writing essays is fun and interesting because you have the chance to talk about something you have always wanted to. You can bring your reader’s attention to an issue that haunts your mind and that you want to express to the rest of the fellows. You can think of something that you wanted to talk about or find an answer for and start your search. It is important that whatever topic you choose for your essay, you have enough supporting materials and research data available to support it. With fresh ideas and strong supporting evidence, you can come up with a great paper to impress almost anyone. The last and most important thing about your paper is the conclusion. If you have a great topic, authenticated data and strong logical arguments but do not summarize them in a proper manner then your paper will be at stake. You need to create an extract of all the possible major points in your paper and conclude it in your paper

Persuasive essay topics for students in 6th grade

To help you start, here is a list of interesting persuasive topics you can use for 6th grade

  1. Smoking is injurious not only to the smoker but those who live around him
  2. Creativity is an innate quality and transfers from genes
  3. Life without an aim is a life spent useless
  4. Extravagation is a curse of modern life
  5. Injustice breeds evil
  6. Poverty is the cause for increasing crime rates
  7. Divorce rates rise when financial status is low
  8. Self-esteem and confidence are important characteristics of a leader

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