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Getting A High-Quality Argumentative Analysis Essay Example

When you have a good example to work from, you will find out that there are certainly stress-free approaches to writing a high quality argumentative analysis essay. In writing an argumentative paper, you are mostly expected to analyze the logic of the argument. This means that you don’t have to start the paper with giving your own opinion concerning the subject of the argument. This will greatly reduce your score.

A good example is an argument that the increase in the price of a certain soft drink is the reason why sale of the product is dropping. All you are expected to do is discuss if really, the increase in price is the cause of the slide in sales. There is no need lecturing the soft drink manufacturer and distributors on marketing strategies or if their product is good or not. Yes, your argument should be for or against whether the evidence at hand warrants the conclusion of the argument.

Through your essay, try to identify and address the major faults that brought about the drop in sale of the soft drink. You should also take care to avoid certain logical errors that might have negative impact on your scores. Some of these errors include:

  • Generalization
  • False causes
  • Problems with surveys and statistics
  • False analogies
  • Inadequate authority
  • Hidden assumptions

Formats of writing essays

There are formats for every academic paper and essays are not exempted. The format of your essay is divided into three parts. These three parts are:

  • Introduction: This is where you explain to the reader, in your own words, what the argument is about. At the end of the last paragraph, let the reader know that the argument or assumption is unwarranted. You can also assert that the information provided does not in any way, justify the conclusion or topic of the argument.
  • The Body Of The Paper: This is where you identify and explain the faults with the argument. Are there other reasons why there is drop in sales of the product? Then let the readers know about it. If the surveys are inadequate, it is here that the omissions in the methodology will be pointed out. Discuss the misleading statistics and figures, if there are any.
  • Additional Information: This is the last part of the essay where you discuss any other information that the readers ought to know. This is done before you finally conclude whether the argument is valid or not.

Other things you should put into consideration as you write your essay include your sentence structure, the use of familiar vocabulary and addition of a well-placed quote.

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