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A List Of Intriguing Commentary Essay Topics For College

There are a few pretty specific essay types that will not let you earn points, unless you follow the structure and complete all recommendations on how to write a paper of this type. What you write your paper about is usually not that important as how write it. That is why your professors usually make your life harder and let you choose the topic by yourself. A commentary essay is one of the types that belong to the description. This guide will teach you how to write it and give you a list of the topics you can use, when you are stuck.

How to write a commentary essay?

As you can probably understand from the name itself, in this type of paper you are supposed to express your opinion on a matter, so to say, make a comment on it. The most important thing here will be not to describe the situation or concept itself, but to state, what you personally hold of the subject. Your personal thought shall be the key and your whole essay shall be built around it. Now, to do this write you will need to decide which type of commentary essay you will go with. There are two of them: personal commentary and social commentary.

Personal commentary essays: specifics and sample topics.

In a personal commentary essay you will need to pick up one event from your own life, something that happened to you and describe your feelings, emotions and what you have learned from it.

  1. The divorce of my parents and how it influenced my perception of a happy family.
  2. My trip to Europe as an enlightening experience.
  3. Incident at my school that made me look differently on our security issues.

Social commentary: using the topics society cares about.

In this type of paper you will need to describe a problem that is valuable and important for the society you live in. It also has to make you think and you need to have your personal opinion on it. It is somewhat alike to a persuasive paper, but here you just need to make your position visible.

  1. Influence of the new foresting technologies on the overall ecological situation of the country.
  2. Governmental control over the food, served in school cafeterias: necessary thing to keep children healthy.
  3. Absolute importance of having the cell-phone turned at all times as opposed to regulations, proposed by the school.

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