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A List Of Unique Essay Topics On Free Will And Moral Responsibility

Free will is a byproduct of democracy. It didn’t breathe any existence in monarchial times; when subjects were meant to live within the lines drawn by the king. Democracy gave people the right to choose their Governments.

Society-ridden limitations

However, prevalence of societies naturally creates moral regulations which define a person’s life. Drunkards, gamblers, lechers; unsocial people; they are automatically barred from the general grouping. They find an invisible division between them and general life. Free will essay topics take this precept forward.

Here are 10 unique essay topics on free will and moral responsibility –

  1. Why is there such fuss about same sex marriage? – Unnatural sex is not seen in good light by people, although it is one’s fundamental right to choose partner. The essay will offer a subjective look.
  2. Why should censorship rule the roost and take precedence over creative freedom? – Is it fair to curtail creativity through censorship?
  3. The unique case of Charlie Hebdo – Charlie Hebdo has recently been in the news for murders of its professionals who tried to override creative barriers.
  4. Should gambling be allowed in a regulated way to satisfy free will? – Gambling may be a vice but it is a way of life that does not harm others, unlike smoking.
  5. The complete subjugation of free will; History of Taliban – An essay evaluating life under Taliban and effect of its tyranny on general mindset.
  6. Should celebrities endorse brands they do not actually adore or use? – Should celebrities take moral responsibility or is it again an obstruction of the celebrity’s individual rights?
  7. The fusion of cultures – why is nudism not globally acceptable? – Nudism prevails in Europe, South America and even certain South Asian countries. Why is it berated despite multicultural societies?
  8. Why should the untouched tribes of Africa be subjected to Govt. rules and regulations? – Several African tribes have their own regulations and fetish. Why should they be bound by an overriding Govt. rule?
  9. Free will of someone leads to submission of others. Explain with examples – Idi Amin’s free will is torture of his subjects. A person walking freely on the road obstructs vehicle movement. Evaluate in your essay.
  10. Should parents pressurize children to take on a defined path or should they leave it on his/her free will? – Children should get their space to choose their vocation. Do parents have the right to force judgment? Explain with an essay.

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