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Basic Guidelines On How To Create A Long Essay About Education

Students who have experience writing the typical 5 paragraph essay might find it difficult to transition to the longer and trickier long essay. It’s more than just writing more words. It must be managed in a different way and formatted properly. You still need to use logistics in your argument ad excellent writing skills, just apply them to a longer piece of writing.

Here are the basic guidelines you should follow:

  1. Start by planning ahead as early as possible. These longer essays can’t be put together overnight as easily as the shorter ones can. They take considerably more time and the sooner you start the easier the process will go for you.
  2. Make sure you are very familiar with all the requirements for this assignment. Were you given a list or a rubric so you know every element required and what is expected of you? Do you know the word or page count? What types of sources do you need and how many? Is there a format you must follow? Even a well-written essay that doesn’t pay attention to these details won’t get a high grade.
  3. Go through your education curriculum and see what stands out as a great idea for a topic. Right now you are just looking for general ideas. Once you find something general you’re interested in, you can focus it and narrow it down until it becomes suitable enough to cover in the scope of your paper.
  4. Set a schedule you can stick to. It should challenge yourself and allow you to finish well before the deadline and yet not be overwhelming nor unreachable.
  5. Write a thesis statement. Your entire project will be based on this one statement or question, so it must be directly relevant to your topic you’ve chosen.
  6. Do the research and use it to complete your outline. The outline will be made up of main headings with several support statements for each. Each main heading will form its own paragraph. The supporting statements are the meat of the paragraph, which give it substance and validation.
  7. Time to write the first draft. Make sure to include all your arguments, quotes and citations. Make the bibliography or reference page as well. If there is anything you can see is lacking, place an asterisk or something else to remind you and then keep writing.
  8. Your final draft can be made after you’ve written down as much as you can for the first draft. Polish as you go, and fill in the spots you marked previously. Proofread and your paper is ready to go.

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