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20 Interesting Topics For An Argumentative Essay For High School Students

When trying to think of interesting titles to use for your argumentative essay, it can be a good idea to think about any topic that you’re particularly interested in. You’ll then need to delve further into this topic to find relevant issues that would be suitable for your paper. Ultimately, you want to try and think of a topic that you are passionate about, particularly one that divides opinion between people.

Good places to look for inspiration when you need to write an argumentative essay

You may wish to look at prewritten essay samples online so as to see what other people have written about before. Alternatively, you can even post questions on social media - a bit like a mini survey - to see if any of the answers provide inspiration.

Alternatively, looking through newspapers and news websites to find any contentious topical stories can be a great way of inspiring ideas for your paper. If you do find a story in the news that you agree or disagree with then you can use this as the basis for your argumentative essay.

To get you started when it comes to thinking of some good ideas, feel free to have a look at the list below.

  1. Rich people already contribute vast amounts of money and therefore deserve further tax breaks
  2. Drug addiction should be treated as a disease
  3. Churches should not benefit from tax breaks
  4. Internet censorship can benefit society
  5. More should be done to prevent young children from seeing inappropriate images
  6. Social media is in fact reducing social interaction
  7. Technology has reduced the quality of life in the 21st-century
  8. Less money should be spent on exploration
  9. Too much exercise is unhealthy
  10. Parents should be prosecuted for allowing their children to be obese
  11. Energy-efficient vehicles are not as good for the planet as they may seem
  12. Voting should be mandatory in all national elections
  13. Drink-driving offenders should face and automatic driving ban
  14. Companies should refuse to trade with countries where child labour is a widespread problem
  15. Criminalising drugs as a negative impact on other forms of crime
  16. Religion does more harm than good
  17. Teachers should regularly have to sit exams to prove that they are capable of doing the job
  18. More should be done to promote language learning high schools
  19. Banning assisted suicide is inhumane
  20. Animals should have more rights

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