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How To Find An Interview Essay Example: Basic Manual For Students

When you need to write an interview essay, you need to be extremely creative to compose a successful paper. You need to create an authentic impression, and the topic must be suitable. Many students find themselves having problems when they need to write such papers so we made a list of basic instructions that will help.

  1. Look online for examples. Before you do anything else, you need to have a general idea of how this paper should look like. There are many elements that you need to observe, and you can do this by searching for free examples on the Internet. Conduct your research mainly on educational platforms, because they provide the most accurate results.

  2. Choose the topic. After you saw how your paper should be, it’s time for you to choose the topic. Make sure that the topic is easy to explore, and you can ask interesting, revealing questions. If you choose the same common, easy topic as your colleagues then you can’t expect to take a high mark.

  3. Decide what person you will interview. In this kind of essay, you need to ask questions to a certain person, and you will receive answers that are relevant to your subject. According to the type of subject that you chose, you will find a suitable person that is somehow connected with the content.

  4. Search for other references. Even if you found the person that you will interview, most likely you will need to find some quotes or book references about the topic. The more different perspectives that you have, the more complete your paper will seem.

  5. Decide what the questions will be. The questions that you ask are maybe the most important aspect of your work. They need to give space to develop the answer and to be relevant to the topic. Make sure that the questions are easy to understand, they don’t contain any expression that the subject might not understand or any controversial point.

The answers that your interviewed person will give need to provide all the information for the understanding of the subject. If it is an academic paper, provide exact information that you’ve previously verified. Make sure all the data is correct and you do not use any kind of figure of speech.

Always take a day to correct your essay. Especially when somebody else is involved, it can be easy to miss some mistakes. Watch out for grammar mistakes or punctuation errors.

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