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The Crisis In Ukraine

When a country is in a crisis, the economy, education system, organisations and even citizens of that country suffer a lot. Business people are not able to conduct their businesses, children are not able to go to school and people are not able to report for work. In other cases, individuals are detained, deservedly or otherwise.

One person who has been affected by the Ukraine crisis is a Ukrainian helicopter pilot who is called Nadiya Savchenko. Since the crisis in Ukraine involves both Ukraine and Russia, Savchenko somehow got into Russia where she was captured, charged and jailed for nine months. It is not clear how she actually got into Russia. Irrespective of that, nine months is a long time for a professional to be out of her job.

People from all over the world did not appreciate the Russian act of jailing Savchenko. Actually, Ukrainians held interfaith prayer services within the country’s capital of Kyiv. It is not a common thing to see interfaith prayers. Nadiya did not also appreciate the treatment she was receiving and actually went on a hunger strike for 75 days.

Another issue on the crisis in Ukraine is the separatist assault within the eastern part of the country. Ukraine, together with the west, claims that Russia is responsible for that assault. This accusation has worsened the relation between Russia and the West and can only be compared to the days of Cold War. In addition to the assault, Ukrainians are afraid of Russia using its nuclear weapons within the Black Sea. In order to quell this fear, NATO has had to patrol the area along Eastern Europe in order to reassure people in that area of their safety.

Another effect of the crisis in Ukraine is also being felt in the peninsula of Crimea, which is simply called Crimea. Since this area is an island, the disputed referendum for purposes of joining Russia has left the area with no food supplies, major companies have left the area, tourists do not visit the island and business is as good as dead. Some of the companies that have left the island are McDonald’s, PayPal and a number of Russian banks. As a result of the withdrawal of these major companies people in the area cannot access telephony services or even credit cards.

When a crisis hits a country, normal life is disrupted at all levels: organisations, rich and poor individuals, and businesses. If possible, it is always best to avoid a crisis in any country.

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