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Creating a Winning Title for an Essay on Brave New World

It’s often much more difficult to create an interesting title for an essay than to compose it from scratch. However, if you buy custom essay online, these questions won't be a problem for you any more. There are several tips that will help you develop a number of interesting title options for a paper on Brave New World.

  • Until your paper is done, it’s very hard to think about a catchy and pretty title. Besides that, if you had several ideas in advance, the final result of your research can be somewhat different from the planned one. That’s why having a working title is great but at the end, you will need a new one.
  • Determine the main idea of your paper. The title is supposed to let your potential readers know how much the text meets their interests. It means that the title should be neither too short nor too long. A solution like “Brave New World” or “Symbols, hidden meanings, metaphors in the personal features of female characters in Brave New World” will not do.
  • Determine the audience that is going to read and evaluate your paper. This point should be thought over at the stage of writing, too. Depending on the target audience, the way the title sounds may change. Imagine that you are your own reader and think what would make you start and keep on reading.
  • Read the text once again and find a key phrase that is able, on one hand, to reflect the main goal and idea of your essay and, on the other hand, attract the attention of the audience.
  • Think about borrowing interesting phrases from the very Brave New World. The author usually puts certain thoughts in such words that nobody can say better. So, you should feel free to use a quote, but do it in such a way that it stays isolated from the rest of your text and is marked as a quote.
  • It’s better if you don’t mention the title of the book in the title of your essay. Yet, you are free to mention the author’s name if it’s necessary.
  • Make sure that your title is not too long. If you can use four words instead of six ones, it’s great, however, you shouldn’t turn down a longer but more interesting option in favor of a shorter heading.
  • Give your title a stylish look with the help of punctuation. Make in the following way: a quote followed by a column and then the very title. For example: “An ideal future: Aldous Huxley’s perfect anti-Utopian visions”, or so.

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