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Children Should Not Be Spanked

A lot of arguments have been made on spanking. Parents perceive that spanking is a way of disciplining children while opponents argue that spanking is a way of abusing children. In fact, when spanking is practiced out of anger children do not learn any lesson from it. However, spanking can create wrong notions in the mind of child that it is usual for an adult to spank a kid. In reality, when a person spanks a kid out of frustration or anger, a wrong perception is generated in the mind of the child.

Importance of Spanking

The decision to spank a kid should be made out of love. The aim of spanking is to discipline a child and not to cause pain. Therefore, spanking should not be the immediate option. For instance, if a kid goes to a swimming pool, the kid needs to be warned of the danger. If the kid repeats again, then spanking can be done to discipline the kid to adhere to your warning. Spanking should be only several beats on the buttocks or light slaps. This is the most effective way to discipline a child.

However, when a parent is methodical and disciplined, spanking is no violence or abuse. Actually, spanking can help to eliminate abuse of child such as shattering. Spanking teaches to kids to obey parents as well as avoid risk. When spanking is contacted in disciplinary way is not abuse of child. It is just discipline.

When to Spank

Spanking age has also been a matter of discussion. Actually, this depends on the parent, child and the discipline level required. However, children under the age of two years should not be spanked. At the age of two year or below, the mental capacity of a child is very low; therefore, the child will not learn anything from spanking.

A spanking needs to be the last option in disciplining a child. Parents need to take their time to explain to the children were they wrong and warn them of the dangers involved. In case a child fails to obey, then he or she needs to be spanked. However, a parent should inform the child that he or she is going to receive spanking. This gives the parent time to calm down and make an effective decision. Nevertheless, cussing and shattering to a child is not spanking but child abuse. The child will not learn from cussing and shattering but will only begin to hate you. Parents should be methodical and disciplined when spanking kids.

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