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Useful Hints For High School Students: How To Create A 3-Page Cause And Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is a piece where the first half defines the second. It is almost a beautiful culmination of order where you know what’s coming. It is almost like drinking enough alcohol leading to liver cirrhosis.

Choosing strong topics

Now, you may pick topics which show negative effects and you may choose topics which culminate in positive outcomes. Whatever the result, you should choose topic you can do justice to; especially when they extend to 3 pages.

Let’s take a topic for consideration –

The topic – How earthquakes in Japan lead to a distinctly different lifestyle?

Now, your first half of the essay would be the profusion of earthquakes on Japanese Islands owing to the proximity with Ring of Fire zone. You need to explain the dread of Reichter demon and give details of some of the more dangerous earthquakes that have rocked the turf till now. You should also make painstaking research into why Japan is an earthquake zone and does it touch all areas of the country.

Expressing analogies

You should then express analogies where other countries or zones suffer due to periodic occurrences of natural disasters. You should give a glimpse of the mindset of people living under such continual threat.

Use your discretion

The effect section may be longer or shorter depending on your discretion and the ability to take the essay forward. Give details of the impact on the mindset of Japanese and how they have managed to survive the storm. You should zero in on the architectural genius of the place where maximum houses are made of paper and wood, and are easy to reconstruct. You should also express the brilliant disaster management methods that Japanese Governments employ in your essay.

Slightly explanatory

You may also make your essay slightly exploratory. You may mention that because of the shrunk houses, the Japanese naturally become flexible and short-sized. Also, they understand the value of space better and thus turn into Karate experts. Throw credibility to the fact that all this is indirectly due to earthquakes; an assertion which is almost a truth!

Relevant and distracting

The main aim of cause and effect essay is to put readers close to an occurrence which is relevant and distracting. You should show how particular causes are leading to a zone where things may suddenly go out of reach. You should then either propose solution or let the second half itself be a worthy solution. The decision is yours.

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