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7 Reasons Not To Rely On A Free Essay You Find Online

When you write the paper on your own, you understand the basic requirements and preferences of your teacher because you attend the lecture. It is better to write your paper with your own imagination and skills if you want to stay safe. Below is a list of reasons why to avoid free samples on the web

  1. It might be a spam service
  2. Remember that no one wants to make efforts for you and receive nothing in return. They will have some interest in providing you free essays.

  3. The file may contain viruses
  4. There might be a potential threat to your data and system if you access free files for your essay. You do not want to risk your data for only one essay assignment

  5. It might be loaded with grammar and spelling errors
  6. The paper you find on the web may have many grammar and spelling mistakes. No one would bother to proof read the paper or edit it if you are not paying them for it. You need to avoid using free papers because they are not up to the mark

  7. The paper might be plagiarized
  8. Free papers on the internet are accessible for everyone. When you can find this paper then a million other students before and after you can download the same paper. The paper is no use to you if it contains plagiarism or other people have used it before you.

  9. It will not match the custom requirements of your paper
  10. When you get a free paper, it will never match your custom requirements. It may not have the same length, word count, type, style, subject, topic, and many other things. You cannot find an exact match to your requirements if it is not custom from scratch.

  11. Your teacher may not approve the paper
  12. The paper is not aimed for your teacher or institute; it might not be able to impress her. When you download a free paper, it is already present and you did not write it on your own.

  13. You need to use your own imagination
  14. When you ask someone else to write your essay, you miss many important things. You do not practice or understand the assignment on your own. You will not be able to learn about this subject or carry out directed research. The teachers assign you tasks because they want you to learn and develop your skills. If you do not attempt these assignments on your own then you will never learn or improve your creativity

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