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Media Communication

Media communication is one of the means or channels of general communication, entertainment, or information in society as radio, newspapers or television. Communication media refers to the means of receiving and delivering information or data. In the context of telecommunication, these means are considered as channels for transmission and data storage. Diverse media are used from one computer terminal to the central computer in order to transmit data inside some type of network. There are two forms of media communication; analog and digital. Analog comprise of telephonic and television broadcast and conventional radio whereas digital consists of computer networking, telegraphy and computer-mediated communication.

Media communication acts as a communication channel in order to link with several computing devices so that interact with one another. It is recognized that media and communications has helped to connect different individuals from near and far geographical location. It can be said that it also aid internet businesses and other activities. Media are considered as the collective communication that is employed to deliver and store data or information. Media communication is related with specialized communication businesses such as photography, print media and the press, broadcasting (television and radio), advertising and publishing. There are diverse kinds of media communication such as verbal and non-verbal communication whereas some of the kinds are based on purpose and style such as formal and informal communication.

It can be said that verbal communication involves the exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions and information through verbal means. In the context of media communication, communication takes place orally; these involve diverse forms of kinds such as private discussions, oral instructions and orders, telephone conversation, formal and informal meetings, interviews and oral presentations. Media communication can also be in the form of pictorial representations, photographs, paintings, signboards and sketches. Media are the means, agencies or instruments employed to convey advertising messages to the public. They are considered as the most effective kind of advertising. It can be said that media technology has made communication easier. Children in the schools are encouraged to use media and expected to have general knowledge of the several available technologies.

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