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Bollywood is one of the Hindi Language film production industry located at Mumbai in India. Bollywood is frequently misused as a synecdoche to mean the entire Indian movies. However, Bollywood is just part of the wide Indian film production industry that involves several film production centres with various languages. Bollywood is among the largest film industry in India and is thus classified among the largest film production centre worldwide. Bollywood is famously known as The Hindi Film Cinema. Bollywood therefore, is an Indian film making industry Just as Hollywood, an American associate film industry. Bollywood has got rich history in the film production industry.

History of Bollywood

The history of the Bollywood dates back in the 18th century. The first ever Bollywood film to be produced in India was a soundless small films. This film was produced by Lumiere Brothers at Watson hotel in the year 1896. The film was not released for viewing until mid 1993. This film was referred to as Raja Harishchandra. However, due to limited technology India by then, it took Bollywood quite some time to release a film with sound.

Bollywood released the first ever film with sound in 1931. The film was referred to as Alam Ara. Bollywood films of 1930s were used to create awareness to what was seen as the ill of the society by film makers. Bollywood films began to thrive all over India. Several famous producers and actors from all corners of the India were making dialogue films in various Indian languages. Kisan Kanya, the first ever Bollywood colored film was produced during this time.

The Second World War and the independence of the India could not slow down the growth of the film industry. After the independence, the Bollywood gained broad recognition in most parts of India. The development India television and institute, first India international festival and the national cinema awards show assisted Bollywood to climb rapidly to the international standards.

Modern Cinema

Bollywood has seen rapid growth and popularity all over the world over the last decade. This growth has raised Bollywood to new levels especially in the quality of the films, innovative topics and cinematography as well as advancement in technical areas like animation and special effects. Bollywood actors and actress have also gained fame all over the world.

Bollywood has preferred to produce films that appeals to all age groups to increase their audience. By so doing, Bollywood have gained great acceptance and popularity worldwide and hence become one of the most famous film industries that every film producer would like to be associated with.

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