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Composing An Exemplification Essay: Basic Tips To Remember

Exemplification means showing examples to support a certain idea or prove an argument. A person, who writes an exemplification essay, uses various examples that serve as a backbone for a whole essay. Here are some basic tips for writing a decent exemplification essay.

  • Choose a topic.
  • First you need to select a theme that you are to exemplify. After selecting a topic, it is easier to select main objects that require examples.

  • Set a goal.
  • Think about key information on the topic and write down the most important examples to support it. They will be a part of your exemplification database.

  • Stick to the subject.
  • All provided examples should correspond to your subject, otherwise readers might be confused. Stick to the point and avoid unnecessary examples. Not quantity, but quality is important. Just give the most influential examples.

  • Write down all examples.
  • Noting all examples dealing with your topic will help you later, when you will select the most suitable ones.

  • Show your point of view.
  • The idea you are going to prove should be placed at the very beginning of the text so that readers could get a full understanding of your ideas.

  • Be logical.
  • All provided examples should be stated in order of their importance and derivate from each other. The atmosphere of the development will be created in such a way.

  • Avoid boring examples.
  • There is nothing worse than boring and obvious examples. You should give something new that might draw attention of the reader.

  • Hook the reader with an effective introduction.
  • It is probably the most important step in all essays. If you manage to catch the attention of the readers, they will definitely read your work until the end.

  • Give fundamental examples.
  • The text should be supported by examples that fully describe the statement in proper aspects. Don’t use examples, which are true only in separate rare cases, unless you need to do so. Examples should describe the majority of the cases.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Try to make your text easy for understanding. If the text is too complicate, the readers won’t understand you or do it wrong. Keeping it simple is the best way to avoid awkward situations.

  • Use various examples.
  • A good exemplification paper includes various types of examples: historical facts, statistics, events, places, stories etc. All of them make the text more interesting and readable.

  • Believe in what you write.
  • If you write about something, it should represent your own opinion. A sincere text is an excellent text.

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