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Writing A Middle School Informative Essay: 5 Helpful Suggestions

Middle school students will begin to learn all the rules and guidelines for formal essays. The teacher will probably start with thesis statements, then main paragraphs, with some introduction and conclusion sprinkled in the mix. It might be a while before a middle schools student writes a complete essay. Some teachers will finish the first year with a thesis statement. Here are 5 helpful suggestions for leaning the steps of writing an informative essay in middle school writing:

  1. Focus on the format-at this point in the informative composition the format is more important than the content. The student needs to learn about structure, the perfect thesis statement, what a hook are, transitions, and what valid support means. The emphasis on content will come after the mastery of structure and mechanics.

  2. Peer reviews- a great way for the student to learn is by suing peer review. There should be a rubric and a conversation about being polite and respectful while doing this. The person reviewing will learn what to look for in a good essay and the person who had the paper reviewed will have a stress free review.

  3. Prewriting- prewriting can include the gathering of information, the consideration of main points, how to move from the different points. The emphasis should be on organizational skills.

  4. Rewriting- many young people think when they finish the first draft that they are finished. It is important they are shown how to edit, proof, polish, and then rewrite. Most average papers can be made into excellent papers with the proper amount of rewriting. The paper will and should be written several times.

  5. The outline-due to the somewhat impulsive nature of young people, they do not always like to make an outline. Outlining before writing the informative essay is very important to the writing process. Child needs to outline everything he or she can get his hands on in order to master it. I once had my students outline a menu at a fast food restaurant in order to make the work more fun. Remember, a good outline is essential to an exceptional paper.

Five helpful suggestions for writing an informative essay in middle school are to focus on the format, have and do peer reviews, emphasize prewriting, focus on rewriting, and always know how to outline.

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