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The Purpose Of A Descriptive Essay – 5 Points To Consider

One of the first types of essays a student will write is called the descriptive. It is easy and the students can start small and then allow the subject to grow. Additionally, the thesis statement can be as easy as ice cream is cheap, tasty, and easy to find. The main points would be cheap, tasty,and easy to find.

The simplicity of the style should not be ignored. There are many times when it is the only style that will do for the job needed. You may need to explain a new process at the next business meeting you attend. Dont underestimate the power of the paper. Use our five points to consider when looking at the purpose of a descriptive essay.

5 Points

  1. The essay is simple, but the subject can be complex. Do not confuse the two things. In this style of writing, you could describe a nuclear reaction. If you think that a mature writer never uses this style, then you are thinking incorrectly. In fact, you will find that you use this format for as long as you are an active writer.
  2. The words should always describe, much like painting a picture. As you write, your reader should get a visual image of what is being depicted. If you do not select strong verbs and use a creative vocabulary, then you may simply be telling not painting a word picture. Always use creative words and exciting verbs.
  3. You will still need a thesis statement in this style. It is hard not to find an academic piece that does not have a thesis statement. Remember, a strong thesis statement makes for a strong paper.
  4. Additionally, you will need to start strong and to finish strong. By starting strong, you are able to draw your audience into this composition. A strong close feels finished and leave your audience thinking about the subject long after he or she has finished reading it.
  5. You can include interesting facts and background on your subject. In fact, if you do not include these things, you will find your paper is very short and not very exciting. If you are writing about ice cream, for example, you can tell how it was invented and who was involved in the process. Make sure to include interesting tidbits in the piece.

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