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What Are the Main Features of a Literary Essay: Advice from a Professional

A literary essay is an academic paper where the writer should analyze some piece of literature and explore its main idea. This type of paper helps students develop their writing and analytical skills. If you want to write a decent literary paper, you should know its main features and characteristics. Read this article to learn this useful information.

  1. Understanding of the theme.
  2. The writer of a paper should address the theme of a book. This will demonstrate the readers that the writer understands the main idea that the author of the book wanted to convey to his or her audience. As a result, it’ll be easier for the readers of a paper to understand both the purposes of a literary work and a paper.

  3. Decent thesis statement.
  4. A thesis statement is a sentence that helps the writer to tell about the goal of his or her paper. With a help of a thesis statement, the authors demonstrate their position or indicate what part of a literary work they want to investigate in details.

  5. Textual evidence.
  6. The arguments of the writer that are directly connected to a story should be supported by evidence from a book. This evidence includes monologs or dialogs of characters, various descriptions, and so on. When this evidence is placed correctly and relates directly to a thesis statement, arguments of the writer seem very persuasive for the readers.

  7. Correct grammar and good style.
  8. A literary essay should be written by using correct grammar and appropriate style. For example, when describing the scenes from a story, the writer should write in the present tense to make the readers feel that these events are happening right now. Additionally, the writer shouldn’t use plenty of narrow terms and abbreviations in the text. Not all readers may understand these terms and will be confused.

  9. Proper outline.
  10. A good literary paper should be outlined properly. Each section should serve a different purpose and contain different information.

    • Introduction.
    • Here the author should present the topic, grab the attention of the readers, and put a thesis statement that will set a course for the following paragraphs.

    • Body.
    • In this section, the author should describe the arguments in details and provide them with persuasive evidence using quotes from a book.

    • Conclusion.
    • The last paragraph should sum up the arguments of the writer. The author should discuss the significance of a literary work as well as the importance of his or her analysis.

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