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Where To Search For Free Essays About Technology

You have been assigned a paper about technology, and the remit is about as wide as it gets. You don’t get a much broader subject than this, and the possibilities are endless. I love loose assignments like this because they give you a chance to get your teeth stuck into something that you are passionate about. So, whether you are looking at the history of technology, the great inventors, and inventors. Or are considering writing about modern day gadgetry and all of the exciting possibilities that the future holds the first thing that you need to do is some “competitor” research.

There are several reasons why you might want to dig out some papers that have already been written on the subject. First and foremost, you want to know how other people have framed and constructed their assignments. This is perfect for giving you an accurate idea as to where the bar is that you need to hit. It is also useful in that it can provide you with signposts to follow.

So where should you start looking?

Your lecturer

Doh, yes, it is an obvious choice, but before you start slapping yourself around the head for not thinking about this, you would be amazed at how many people overlook the most obvious person. I can guarantee you that even if this is his first year on the job, your lecturer will have example papers that you can take a look at.

Your college website

While not all colleges have comprehensive catalogs of essays from former students, some do. A quick search will take just seconds, and you might get lucky and find the answers that you are looking for.

Your student union

You can kill two birds with one stone here. By visiting your student union, you can not only tap into any resources that they might have, but you can also find out about any social events that are going on at the same time. Familiarizing yourself with the student union is a vital part of pastoral life at college.


There are an abundance of sample technology essays across the whole spectrum to be found online. If you decide to go down this road, then you need to be satisfied that the company/organization that you are using is reputable. Yes, even for free ones!

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